Privacy Policy

Last update: January 30, 2024

SnippetHub (referred to as "our team" or "we") values your privacy. This Privacy Policy ("the Policy") outlines our practices for managing Personal Information (defined later) collected via our official website at ("the Website"), through interactions with SnippetHub (including the download and usage of the SnippetHub Lens AI Visual Studio Code extension) - collectively termed "the Services". This document also informs you of your rights regarding your Personal Information, and how to reach us for any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Beyond the procedures mentioned in this Policy, we may handle Personal Information on behalf of our enterprise clients as they utilize the Services. In such instances, we act as a data processor for our enterprise clients, who are the primary entities managing the data processing. To comprehend how an enterprise client manages your Personal Information, you should review the privacy policy of the respective client.

1. Categories of Personal Data Collected

Within this Policy, "Personal Data" refers to any details about an individual that can identify them directly or indirectly. We collect and handle your Personal Data in the manners described herein. Where relevant, we clarify if you need to supply us with your Personal Data, along with the reasons for its necessity, and the potential outcomes of not providing it. Should you choose not to provide Personal Data upon request, it might limit your ability to utilize our Services, especially if that information is essential for the provision of our Services or if we are mandated by law to collect it.

Details Furnished by You

  • Account Creation: Should you opt to set up a SnippetHub account, we might request Personal Data including your name, contact information (email and phone number), your preferred username, and your employer's details (if pertinent). You have the option to enrich your profile by adding extra details like your address, age, gender, and country of residence through your account settings. Note that creating an account with SnippetHub is not mandatory. The SnippetHub Visual Studio Code extension can be utilized without the necessity of logging in.
  • Subscription to Paid Services: Opting for SnippetHub’s paid services necessitates the provision of Personal Data for billing and regulatory compliance, potentially encompassing your address, tax-related information, and specifics of your financial transactions with us.
  • Platform Interaction: Your engagement with our Platform, especially if it involves uploading various media types (documents, photos, videos, audio files), may lead to the submission of Personal Data.
  • Communication with Us: When you reach out to us, be it through a contact form, email, or other communication channels, you might share Personal Data like your name, contact details (including email), your employer's details, and specifics regarding the communication, including its content, date, and time.

Data Collected Through Automated Means

Cookies and Analogous Mechanisms: Our use of cookies and related technologies (jointly "cookies") is pivotal for the seamless operation of our Services, enhancement of our offerings, and the execution of marketing initiatives. Cookies are diminutive text files loaded with alphanumeric characters. Both we and our external partners employ cookies, pixel tags, or comparable methods for data collection. Our usage of cookies, in collaboration with third-party service providers, spans across:

  • Essential Cookies: Certain cookies are indispensable for providing our Services. They facilitate crucial functionalities such as login processes and form submissions. The absence of these cookies would render the delivery of our Services impossible.
  • Analytical Cookies: For the optimization, maintenance, and enhancement of our Services, we deploy cookies. These also assist us in monitoring the opening of our emails by users. We engage with third parties like Hotjar, Mixpanel, and Brevo for these activities. This category encompasses Google Analytics, with further elaboration provided in Section 4.
  • Advertising Cookies: In partnership with external advertising entities, we aim to present adverts that might pique your interest. These partners have the capability to install their own cookies within our Services and might also gather or access data about you, accumulating this information over time and across various online services.
  • The data retrieved via these cookies may encompass details such as your IP address, Visual Studio Code User ID, device ID, advertising ID, interactions like clicks and URL visits, estimated location specifics, and advertising-related activities.
  • Metrics of Usage: We amass specific data pertaining to the usage of SnippetHub, which includes the count of prompts generated, the duration of SnippetHub utilization, and the quantity of tokens transacted.

Data Used by External Entities

Data from Third-Party Sources: We might procure Personal Data concerning you from third-party entities such as Google, Github, and Microsoft, particularly if you opt for their services to log in. The kind of information we might receive from these sources encompasses your name, nickname, email address, language preferences, residence details, and profile picture. Furthermore, we may collect Personal Data from providers of Large Language Models (“LLMs”) if you decide to integrate their services with ours.

2. Utilization of Personal Data

The processing of the aforementioned Personal Data is undertaken for these objectives:

  • Service Provision: Your Personal Data is instrumental for the operation, maintenance, and delivery of our Services, which includes tasks like profile creation, language setting adjustments, and facilitating login processes.
  • Communication: We might utilize your contact information for administrative reasons (for instance, to deliver requested services and information) or for customer support purposes.
  • Analytics and Enhancement of Products: Your Personal Data aids us in analyzing user trends and preferences, thereby enhancing our Services and marketing strategies. It also supports the development and refinement of our offerings, features, and functionalities.
  • Billing Processes: For billing-related activities, we might handle Personal Data like your purchase details and tax identification number.
  • Marketing Initiatives: We may employ your Personal Data to send you tailored marketing communications.
  • Legal Compliance and Enforcement: Your Personal Data might be used to enforce this Notice, our Terms of Service, safeguard our legal standings, and adhere to our legal duties and internal guidelines.

3. Justification for Personal Data Processing

For individuals in the European Economic Area ("Europe"), our handling of your Personal Data is predicated on specific legal grounds. We rely on the following justifications:

  • Contractual Necessity: We process your Personal Data when it's essential for the execution of a contract where you and our entity are parties, such as when you engage with our services or agree to our Terms of Service.
  • Legal Compliance Obligations: There are instances where we're mandated by law to process your Personal Data. This may be to fulfill tax, accounting requirements, or to adhere to legal processes like responding to a subpoena or a judicial order.
  • Legitimate Interests: We might process your Personal Data when there's a legitimate interest, either on our part or a third party's, provided that such interests do not undermine your own rights and freedoms. This basis allows us to manage business records, engage with unrequested communications from you, uphold our legal rights, and seek professional counsel.
  • Consent-Based Processing: In certain situations, we process your Personal Data based on your explicit consent. This could be in scenarios where we seek your agreement for the use of cookies and similar technologies, or for enrollment in direct marketing initiatives. You retain the right to retract your consent at any point by getting in touch with us.

4. Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be shared with external parties in scenarios such as:

  • Collaborations with Service Providers: Our operations involve partnerships with third-party service providers. They assist us in various domains including billing, payment processing, invoicing, tax computation, data analysis, IT hosting, maintenance, and additional services. In performing these services, these third parties might need to access or process your Personal Data.
  • Engagements with Partners: We may exchange Personal Data with partners like LLMs, facilitating connections for Service utilization.
  • Collaboration with Analytics Entities: We employ analytics services like Google Analytics for data collection and processing. Google's practices can be reviewed at their privacy partners page, and you have the option to opt-out via the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.
  • Legal Requirements: There might be circumstances necessitating the disclosure of your Personal Data to third parties, either due to legal obligations or a bona fide belief in the need to comply with legal statutes, react to judicial orders or government subpoenas, or collaborate with law enforcement or governmental bodies. Additionally, we reserve the discretion to disclose Personal Data we deem necessary or appropriate to mitigate liability risks, safeguard against fraudulent, illegal, or abusive activities, defend against third-party claims or accusations, ensure the security and integrity of our Services and the infrastructure enabling them, or protect our assets, legal rights, or the rights, property, or safety of others.
  • With Your Consent: Additionally, with your explicit approval, we may share your Personal Data.

5. Preservation of Data

We are committed to either eradicating your Personal Data or anonymizing it when it's no longer needed for the purposes it was processed, except in situations where we are legally obliged to retain certain data, such as for tax compliance, or as necessary to meet regulatory demands, settle disputes, curb fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms. The specific duration for data retention is determined by factors including the type of service you've utilized, the length and nature of our relationship, legally stipulated retention periods, and pertinent statutes of limitations. Information linked to your SnippetHub account will be preserved for twelve months post your last active interaction with our Services, barring any legal requirements that necessitate a longer retention period.

6. Your Data Rights

You can alter your account and profile details via your profile settings.

Dependent on your location, you might also have legal entitlements such as:

  • Access and Portability: You're entitled to request a copy of your Personal Data in our possession, including an exportable version of data you've provided, and to seek details about how it's processed.
  • Correction and Removal: You can request updates to correct inaccuracies in your Personal Data or request its anonymization or deletion when appropriate.
  • Processing Limitation and Opposition: You have the option to request a halt on the processing of your Personal Data or oppose its processing.
  • Revoking Consent: At any moment, and without charge, you can withdraw consent previously given to us regarding the processing of your Personal Data. Your preferences will be respected moving forward, and this won't affect the legality of processing prior to the withdrawal of consent.
  • Filing Complaints: You have the right to lodge complaints with regulatory authorities, including in your residential country, workplace, or where an incident occurred. We would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns before you approach a regulatory body, so please reach out to us first.
  • To exercise these rights, contact us using the details provided at this Notice's conclusion. It's important to note that these rights are subject to certain exceptions and limitations.

7. External Parties

Be mindful that our Services may include links to external websites, products, or services not under our ownership or control. We don't oversee the privacy practices of these third parties. This Notice doesn't cover your activities on these third-party platforms nor the information you share with them. We advise you to review their privacy policies before submitting any information.

8. Safeguarding Your Data

We strive to protect your Personal Data with physical and digital security measures aimed at enhancing the safeguarding of the information we hold. However, as no method of electronic transmission or storage is completely infallible, we cannot promise absolute security or privacy of your information, within the limits permitted by law.

9. Privacy of Minors

We strictly refrain from gathering, retaining, or utilizing Personal Data from individuals under the age of 13. None of our Services are designed for children. If you become aware of any Personal Data submitted to us by a child in contravention of this Notice, please promptly inform us using the contact details provided at the conclusion of this Notice.

10. International Data Transfers

Occasionally, we might engage services based outside of Europe to support our operational needs. Should it become necessary to transfer your Personal Data to non-European countries where data protection standards may vary from those in your jurisdiction, we pledge to adhere to applicable data protection legislation. Specifically, we will depend on mechanisms like adequacy decisions from the EU Commission, UK, or Swiss governments, contractual measures for data transfer, or other lawful data transfer frameworks. If you're in Europe and require further details about the protective measures we employ for international data transfers, feel free to reach out to us as detailed below.

11. Notice Updates

We reserve the right to revise this Notice periodically to mirror changes in our privacy practices. Any amendments to this Notice will be marked by updating the 'last modified' date at the top of the document.

12. Reaching Out to Us

For inquiries related to this Notice, the processing of your Personal Data by SnippetHub, or to exercise your data protection rights, you are welcome to contact SnippetHub at our email address:, or by navigating to and clicking the "Contact Us" button.